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At Natural Chiro Care we specialize in natural and non-invasive healing techniques for treating back, neck, shoulder and knee pains. We believe that a correct chiropractic treatment along with a personalized recovery plan not only heals the body in a natural way, it also improves a person’s lifestyle and reduces the chances of recurrence of the pain.

Our Specializations

Back Pain

Back discomfort varies depending on the type of injury and extension of the lesion. Learn about the symptoms, causes and available chiropractic treatments.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable and generated by different factors causing different symptoms as well. Learn about the available chiropractic treatments for neck pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is quite painful and often hinders arm movements. Depending on your symptoms and causes, the right kind of chiropractic treatment could be one of the best cures available.

Knee Pain

Pain on your knees can occur due to many reasons, some of which could be stemming from your spinal cord. Various chiropractic treatments are available for knee treatment.


Dr Macy Ng is a great chiropractor. She know how to find all the problems in your body and fix it by using methods which you can be comfortable with. I will give a 100% confidence in here practice. I would have continue to be under her care, but unfortunately I moved out of town. So I just wish for other people to get better as I did under her care. The last thing I will like to say is Thanks You Dr. Macy for giving really good attention to my body.Ps. most of my injuries comes from sports including tennis and mixed martial arts.
Willy D.
Dr. Macy Ng is a nice and friendly chiropractor. I started going to First Chiropractor a month ago and I’ve been feeling great! I have less lower back pains and I don’t feel the tension on my neck and shoulders. I’ve also noticed that I have lost weight and that my skin has cleared up. I find myself being less stressed and I do think that my weekly adjustments, in combination to eating healthier and exercising more (because they host various workshops about health, nutrition, exercising, etc.), have played a big factor towards my overall well-being. I’m more aware of my posture and I try my best to stand and sit up straight. Dr. Macy definitely cares for her patients and makes sure to listens to all of your concerns so that way she can address them. Plus, she speaks Spanish and was able to accommodate my mother’s preferred language. In all honesty, everyone at First Chiropractor is super helpful and they all make you feel very welcomed. I would definitely recommend Dr. Macy Ng because she truly cares for her patients well-being and it shows through her professionalism.
Daniela A.
I have been a patient of Dr Macy since 2012 and she is a very caring and attentive person. She doesnt only address all my physical health issues, she also gives me nutritional and exercising advise for detoxing and keeping my body in shape. I feel more energized after doing following the diet change Dr Macy suggested! Highly Recommend!
Ka Yu L.
I highly recommend Dr. Ng. A year ago, I had an accident at work where I hurt my back. I went to see her. First, I thought: is this young doctor can help me? She is young but she knows a lot about how the body can be healed with chiropractor care. She helped me get better and taught me some workout exercises to have a better posture, and also what shoes sole can help me for work and working out. Thanks Dr. Ng!
Christian P.
I met Macy years ago and jumped at the chance to become her patient after learning she earned her license and opened a business. Macy did a thorough job working on me and exuded a clear passion for her profession. It is wonderful to see someone doing work they love and personally rewarding to see a friend deftly practice skills they honed through that labor of love.
Marc W.
I went to Dr Macy for an acute neck and shoulder pain, and I felt really good after he treatments. My range of moton was immediately better and I could rotate my neck so much more freely. She first palpated my neck and my back, did some soft tissue work, then adjusted my whole back. my whole back – not just the area I had pain, but she also checked my whole back to make sure my whole back is nicely aligned!
Emily C.
Dr. Macy Ng is approachable and a caring provider with excellent skill set.  As a chiropractor myself, I trust her explicitly and have referred patients to her.
A C.

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Before and After 1x Full Spine by Dr. Macy Ng

A 8 degrees adjustment helped in decreasing stress to the body and an overall increased energy levels. Better framework of the skeletal system improved natural posture. This is the key to treating root cause of the problems, and not just symptoms.

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